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With our 360 web platform we cover every stage of the hiring process expeditiously and accurately.
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Client Dashboard

Our clients can track their recruiting processes with our online private dashboard.
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Online assessments

According to each job profile competencies we can evaluate candidates from anywhere. Results are fast and accurate.
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Candidates video reports

Instead of reading a resume, clients can evaluate their candidates by watching a pre-recorded interview where candidates answer critical questions provided by the hiring manager.


At Corporate Recruiters our mission is to help businesses to be more successful, therefore we don't fill vacancies, we rather focus on our clients business goals and find the talent to achieve them. In order to do this we apply a consultative methodology that provides us insight about the real needs of our clients and the dimension of the position. The end result is a rigorous job profile that truly reflects the experience, education and competencies required in order to succeed in the position and match with our clients’ business culture.

Client company dimension
Competency based profiling
Competency based interviews
Competencies assessment
Competencies and background validation