BD + CareFusion Empower Tijuana

Great news for the medical manufacturing industry benefits the northern Mexican border: The manufacturer of intravenous catheters CareFusion was acquired by Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD), last March 17 in a transaction valued at 12,600 million dollars, plus 2,000 million of debt transaction. The global leader in medical technology is one of the largest manufacturers in Baja California and will now operate under the name of BD.
The Merger
Mario Cervantes Bastida, vice president of Manufacturing for North America, explained that this alliance will become one of the biggest names in the medical industry in the world. CareFusion is a company that generates about $ 4 billion a year, he said, while BD generates an additional 8 billion. The operations of both companies will be conducted under the name of BD and together will be the fifth largest worldwide in the manufacture of medical products, with around 45,000 employees.
“On Tuesday March 17th was the day one of the union between CareFusion and BD, so we are very happy, because projects for our people in Tijuana will be very good,” said Cervantes.
BD has been based on United States capital for over 100 years. It manufactures and sells medical equipment supplies, laboratory instruments, antibodies, reagents, and diagnostic products through its three sectors: BD Medical, BD Diagnostics, and BD Biosciences.
Operational Success
Interestingly, the company has strong sales channels in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, while CareFusion has them in the United States, hence this partnership will generate significant growth in all plants corporate. Currently, the Tijuana plant produces on average 1 million sets of daily intravenous catheters, with a workforce of 4 700 employees.
CareFusion became a giant of the manufacturing industry, and is leading the medical industry due to their volume of jobs as well as being one that produces the greatest amount of intravenous sets around the world, supplying alone nearly 50% market share United States.
Last year, CareFusion inaugurated a 6 million dollar expansion project. The new 400,000 square-feet facility in Tijuana created more than 100 direct jobs and it expected to create another 500 over the forthcoming months. Today, this new merger aims to be consolidated as the strongest medical manufacturer in the region and the world. Visit our Manufacturing Job Portal here.

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