Mexico’s Aerospace Fair 2015

Last April, Mexico hosted for the first time an Aerospace Fair in the air force base of Santa Lucia. A key event for the aeronautical industry in the country in which visitors and expositors had the chance to introduce and to know the latest technologies in the sector, positioning their brands among entrepreneurs and government authorities, as well as members of the military both national and international, in order to increase the opportunities for business.
By sponsoring the event, aerospace firms such as Airbus, Boeing, UTC Aerospace, Honeywell, among others, showed their confidence in the Mexican Industry and its talent. Offering conferences aimed to encourage the training of personnel for the aeronautical sector, the event aimed for success.
Mexico is one of the largest and most open economies in the world. It is rich in young and highly talented population and this fact positions the nation as a leader in high-technology and advanced production. It is certainly an attractive and reliable place to invest and increase productivity.

“Mexico has become one of the main aeronautical centers in Latin America and the whole world, leading the way in each phase of the manufacturing process, from the design, engineering, and assembly to the modernizing, maintenance and recycling.”

It is estimated that an airplane equipped with Mexican technology takes off every two minutes (ProMéxico, 2012).
Baja California Opportunities
More than 20 meetings took place during the fair with the purpose of promoting Baja California and its role in the aerospace success of the country. The meetings touched upon the subjects of retention, prospecting, and linkage to investors. Also, information was provided within the pavilion to every person who wanted to learn more about the industrial capacities and the support of the state, as well as one-on-one meetings with companies and agencies such as Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, Economic development of Arizona, and Bancomext.
Mexico is the sixth supplier of aeronautical products for the United States, and it owns the world’s fourth largest fleet of private jets according to Aviation week, 2013. The turbines of the world’s largest plane, the Airbus 380, are designed in Mexico. General Electric, the world leader manufacturer of aircraft motors has its largest research and design center outside the United States, established in the state of Queretaro, Mexico.
Mexico, its size and strength of its market, its rapid economic growth, its ability to create advanced manufactured products is the reason why the aerospace industry has a bright future in the country. Plus, Mexico is home to talented, capable and trained young people.

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