Ford Celebrates its 90th Birthday in Mexico

Ford Celebrates its 90th Birthday in Mexico_Automotive Manufacturing Blog_HR Mexico Headhunters CR-42Ford of Mexico celebrates its birthday with good news. In 2015, the automaker leader accomplishes its 90th year of business success with a ceremony for the new assembly plant in Chihuahua, Mexico.
The new engine plant in Chihuahua will generate 1,300 new direct jobs and will be within the current Ford industrial complex in the city, which is home to the production engine lines I-4 and diesel. Additionally, Ford is investing $ 200 million to expand, also in Chihuahua, existing engine lines I-4 and diesel, bringing 500 new direct jobs will be created. Thus, a total of 1,800 jobs will be created, plus additional jobs for the state. Ford officials attended the ceremony together with the Governor of Chihuahua, Cesar Duarte Jaquez and other members of the State Government.
The new engine plant is being built within the premises of the current Ford Engine Plant in Chihuahua where the company will produce a new gasoline engine. This investment will allow Ford engines export to USA, Canada, South America and the Asia-Pacific region, thereby supporting the growing line of compact cars the company.
As a result of these investments, the Ford Engine Plant in Chihuahua will become the largest engine plant in Mexico, reaching a total production of about 1 million units a year.
“In 1983 it began operating the Ford Engine Plant in Chihuahua, it has since been a great honor for the Ford family. This plant has carried out the first production four-cylinder engine – manufactured between 1983 and 1991 and known as PENTA – the Zetec engine with four and two liters in the nineties, until the most recent project of Diesel, announced in 2009.” said Gabriel Lopez, President, and CEO of Ford of Mexico.

 “This industrial complex has been a symbol of efficiency, productivity, quality processes, and excellent workmanship, reaching a production of 9.5 million engines – cumulatively – from 1983 to date.”Gabriel Lopez

The Importance of Good Labor

One of the main reasons of such success is the young talent constantly emerging from universities across Mexico. It is estimated that, on average, the age of engineers that have driven the success of the automotive industry in Mexico is barely 27 years old. Ford is one of the automotive firms who are taking advantage of the highly skilled and qualified talent in the country.
In return, Ford Mexico offers benefits far superior to those requested by the Federal Labor Law to its employees. Some of the most important include first level health care and medicines, which includes professional nutritional advice. Also, a payment of surplus on vouchers and savings fund as guaranteed compensation, additional holidays, very competitive UN Pension Plan, UN plan for social assistance, in case of death of immediate relatives , benefits for same-sex couples and a flexible compensation program with plans based on individual choices.  Ford surely knows how to work best. According to the firm, people are the source of their strength. They provide the corporate intelligence and determine their reputation and vitality. The involvement and teamwork are the essence of their human values. For that and more, we wish Ford another 90 years in Mexico, and many more. Click here to visit our industry job portal.

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